Investment funds

Wealth Management

Atrium’s Active Portfolio Management is carried out through UCITS V-type Investment Funds (SICAV) and through Discretionary Management Portfolios. Each vehicle is focused on an asset class (single-asset), or can be managed through dynamic allocation to several asset classes (multi-asset), assuming different levels of risk and expected returns.

Investment Process

The management strategy of each portfolio and their respective results are reviewed weekly by the company’s Investment Committee. Daily management, including investment decisions, is the responsibility of our Asset Management area.

Investment and allocation decisions are based on different asset classes and geographic areas, respecting a philosophy that is essentially governed by fundamental factors. Our analysis is applied to a wide range of financial instruments (e.g. bonds, stocks, futures, funds) on a global scale, respecting strict criteria of diversification, liquidity and risk.

Risk management does not rely exclusively on statistically observed volatility, but is complemented by fundamental valuation weights, which tend to be more attractive when volatility is higher. In periods of extreme valuations, Atrium Portfolios tend to correlate less with the more traditional assets (stocks and bonds).

Atrium’s business model, which is based on independence and partnerships with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, allows for the use of efficient execution platforms on a global scale.

The safety of assets under our management is one of Atrium’s primary concerns. In this context, Atrium selects custodians of assets under management from among the top European banks.


We provide discretionary management services primarily through its multi-asset portfolios (Conservative, Moderate and Balanced), which are distinguished by having different levels of risk and different expected returns.

The management portfolios are benchmark aware. The size of the exposure variations is defined by asset class and geographic area. These variations are reviewed daily by the Asset Management area and weekly by the Investment Committee.

For clients with larger assets under management, Atrium offers tailor-made solutions via the management of segregated accounts, be it a portfolio specializing in one asset, or a multi-asset class. If you are interested in discussing portfolio management with specific mandates, please contact us.

Investment funds

The Atrium SICAV Portfolio is a UCITS V type investment fund, established in accordance with European investment fund legislation. Atrium is the Investment Manager, while its activity is performed under a subcontracting regime, in accordance with the law. This is a variable capital fund in corporate form (Sociétè d’Investissement à Capital Variable), based in Luxembourg, authorized and supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, the financial regulator in Luxembourg.

The Atrium Portfolio SICAV has seven sub-funds: Gradient, High Income, Quadrant, Sextant, Global Balanced, Octant and Global Selection. In the management process, we ensure the management of the portfolios by making investment decisions related to the sub-funds under the control, supervision and ultimate responsibility of the Board of Directors of Atrium Portfolio SICAV.

The sub-funds do not promote environmental or social characteristics, and do not have as objective sustainable investments (as provided by Articles 8 and 9 of SFDR).

Each sub-fund has classes in Euros and Dollars available for subscription.

Name of fund Asset Class ISIN Code NAV Date KIID Prospect
Gradient A EUR Fixed Income LU2054532457 EUR 993.86 2024/05/27
Gradient A USD Fixed Income LU2054532614 EUR 1058.20 2024/05/27
High Income A EUR Fixed Income LU2029716870 EUR 1016.56 2024/05/27
High Income A USD Fixed Income LU2029716953 EUR 1089.76 2024/05/27
Quadrant A EUR Multi-asset LU0630472792 EUR 1178.41 2024/05/27
Quadrant A USD Multi-asset LU0630472958 EUR 1358.68 2024/05/27
Sextant A EUR Multi-asset LU0630473170 EUR 1305.04 2024/05/27
Sextant A USD Multi-asset LU0630473337 EUR 1507.20 2024/05/27
Global Balanced A EUR Multi-asset LU2219435117 EUR 1083.83 2024/05/27
Global Balanced A USDs Multi-asset LU2219435380 EUR 1148.20 2024/05/27
Octant A EUR Equity LU0630473501 EUR 1956.48 2024/05/27
Octant A USD Equity LU0630473766 EUR 2271.24 2024/05/27
Global Selection A EUR Equity LU2029717092 EUR 1409.90 2024/05/27
Global Selection A USD Equity LU2029717092 EUR 1465.36 2024/05/27

Source: FundPartner Solutions (Europe) S.A.
Last updated: 28/05/2024

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