We are one of the largest independent financial asset managers operating in Portugal.
We operate in the area of Wealth Management, working with private investors, companies and institutions.

We focus on investment consulting (advisory) and portfolio management (asset management), an activity that is developed within the framework of a close and stable relationship between the client and the relationship manager.

We operate under an executive partnership, which means that all partners are part of the company’s staff and are directly involved in all decision-making.

The extensive experience of our human capital allows us to design different solutions, suitable for different profiles, with different degrees of complexity, always based on the safety, preservation and enhancement of our clients’ assets.

We are solid in economic and financial terms. We are authorized, regulated and supervised by the Securities Market Commission. We are also members of the Investor Compensation Scheme.


Our independence from national and international financial groups allows us to choose between the best counterparts (custodian banks, brokers, fund management companies) and enables us to invest in a diversified and global manner.


We provide our clients with accurate, clear and complete information about their portfolios and the services provided.


Atrium’s core shareholders have remained virtually unchanged for more than 15 years, contributing to a close, stable relationship with our clients.


We seek long-term alignment with clients, employees, supervisory authorities and other stakeholders. The stability of Atrium's shareholder structure and staff has contributed to a closer, more stable relationship with our clients.


Due to the fact that we do not grant credit, nor finance ourselves with our clients' money, either in terms of shareholders or bondholders, we systematically present higher solvency ratios than the sector average in Portugal. This has allowed us to overcome the financial crises of the two last decades with ease.


Because we believe in our work and in our decisions, we offer our private clients the investment solutions we choose for ourselves, meaning that we invest where our clients invest.