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Atrium is a company specialized in portfolio management of both private and institutional financial assets combining financial theory and research with a vast practical experience of its employees in portfolio management.

Atrium maintains its interests aligned with clients, with the company and its partners investing in the same portfolios and funds available to the clients. Atrium manages its clients’ money exactly in the same manner as the money of its partners and the company.

Atrium’s independence in regards to national and international financial groups enables the company to choose among the best counterparties (custodian banks, brokers, and fund managers) without concern for anything other than performance.

Atrium invests in a completely transparent way in assets of high liquidity.

Atrium does not grant credit, not even for the purchase of financial assets.

Atrium’s trade execution platform gives it access to the best investment products worldwide with low trading costs and high liquidity.

At Atrium the clients relationship managers are partners who, for that reason, hold a long term commitment with them.

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