Atrium Portfolios

Atrium offers three different investment profiles. These portfolio profiles differ in terms of investment strategies pursued and risk tolerance.


From inception to December 2017 (*)
Profile Risk Inception Annual
average return
Return for the
past 12 months
% positive months
Strategic Low August 2002 4,2% 1,2% 67%
Dynamic Moderate July 2005 5,8% 4,3% 67%
Equity High November 2008 8,6% 11,7% 65%

Source: Atrium

(*) Past performance does not represent a reliable indicator for future performance. The returns are net of charges and commissions, as well as taxation which, according to legislation in force, should be withdrawn at source. Investors may also be subject to personal taxation depending on their individual circumstances, namely their country of fiscal residence.

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Atrium’s Strategic and Dynamic portfolios are based on a concept designated Dynamic Asset Allocation. Among the main asset classes available for investment (cash, Treasury bonds, corporate bonds, equities, real estate, and commodities) Atrium undertakes at each moment to invest in those with most valuation potential, and simultaneously avoid those with poorer perspectives.

Atrium applies its own models to a vast universe of financial instruments (e.g. bonds, equities, futures, and funds) globally and imposes strict diversification, liquidity and risk constraints in the construction of its portfolios.

Our risk management model does not rely exclusively on volatility. We complement statistical measures of risk with our own assessment of potential shortfalls. We also recognize that it is often in times of high volatility, when there is panic in the markets, that the best opportunities can be found. The dynamic management of the volatility budget of each portfolio enables Atrium to take contrarian positions whenever the models detect good risk-adjusted investments. In periods of extreme valuation, Atrium portfolios tend to correlate less with the most important traditional classes of assets (equities and bonds)


Atrium launched in November 2008 its first portfolio exclusively dedicated to a single asset class – equities.

The management of this portfolio follows a top-down approach and can be invested between 50% and 150% long in equities. We pursue both market timing and security selection strategies. This portfolio invests globally in any financial instruments that provide a direct or indirect exposure to the equity markets (e.g. equities, futures, equity funds, warrants, and convertible bonds).

The objective of the Equity Portfolio is to beat the global MSCI World index (in local currency) with lower volatility.


In each one of the portfolios available, the client may choose the reference currency: Euro or US Dollar.

The management strategy for each portfolio is reviewed on a weekly basis by the Investment Committee. The day-to-day management, including the execution of investment decisions, is the responsibility of the Asset Management Department.

Atrium partners with some of the major worldwide financial institutions to obtain an efficient execution platform for trading all asset classes around the world.

The security of assets under management is one of Atrium’s major concerns. Atrium diversifies the custody of its assets under management among the top European banks.

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