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Atrium is the investment manager of Atrium Portfolio SICAV, a UCITS IV investment fund established according to the European Union law. The functions of the investment manager are performed pursuant to an outsourcing agreement, as provided in the law. Atrium Portfolio SICAV is an open ended SICAV (sociétè d’investissement à capital variable) incorporated in Luxembourg, authorized and supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, the Luxembourg financial regulator.

Atrium Portfolio SICAV has three sub-funds - Quadrant, Sextant, and Octant. As investment manager, Atrium is responsible for the investment of the sub-funds portfolios, subject to the overall control, supervision and responsibility of the Board. The investment strategy of the sub-funds is the same as the Atrium portfolios strategy. Thus, Quadrant, Sextant and Octant, replicate the Strategic Portfolio, the Dynamic Portfolio and the Equity Portfolio.

Each sub-fund is offered with Euro or US Dollar as reference currency.

As mentioned in the legal documentation available below, the custodian of the fund’s assets is the Luxembourg bank Pictet & Cie (Europe) S. A. and the fund administrator in charge of the daily calculation of the net asset value of the fund’s shares is FundPartner Solutions (Europe) S.A.

Net Asset Value

The net asset value per share of each sub-fund and class is the following:
and class
Net asset value Date Detailed
Octant A EUREUR 1439.34 12/11/2019
Octant A USDUSD 1545.10 12/11/2019
Quadrant A EUREUR 1083.78 12/11/2019
Quadrant A USDUSD 1178.82 12/11/2019
Sextant A EUREUR 1165.92 12/11/2019
Sextant A USDUSD 1262.09 12/11/2019

Source: FundPartner Solutions (Europe) S.A.
Last update: 14/11/2019

Legal Information

  Quadrant Fund Sextant Fund Octant Fund
Articles of Association
Key investor information document
Audited Annual Report
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Legal information in Spanish language (información legal en Español)

  Quadrant Fund Sextant Fund Octant Fund
Key investor information document (Datos fundamentales para el inversor)


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